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Things to Consider When Buying An SSD

Things to Consider When Buying An SSD In the early days of the SSD Drives, there were issues with reliability and longevity. Most of these problems have been adequately addressed by the manufacturers, but there are things you  to consider before buying an SSD. [fac_icon icon=”check-square” color=”#00449e”] COST SSD prices have decreased dramatically in the last two years. Today SSD drives are very affordable as you can see below. Today you

Need to Recover a Deleted File?

Recover a Deleted File with Recuva Did you ever accidently delete a file from the trash can and realize you need that file back. With the free software from the makers of  CCleaner (Piriform) the free version of Recuva is a no cost Windows OS option to quickly recover that recently deleted file from your hard drive. Just remember, writing additional data to the drive that has the file you wish to recover, can quickly

Segate Introduces New 7mm Hard Drive

SEAGATE 7mm HARD DRIVE The numeric name of the Seagate Seven Hard Drive doesn’t refer to its capacity, but instead, it refers to something much more important to travelers: its size. This drive is advertised as the thinnest 500GB portable hard drive in the world. It mmeasures just 7mm slim, with a precision-crafted steel enclosure that highlights the look of the bare drive while offering excellent protection for your data.

Seagate Offers Low-Cost 8TB Hard Drive

Seagate Offers a ” Low-Cost” 8TB Hard Drive Do you need a huge amount of storage? If you have been following the Hard Drive market you may be aware there are 4TB, 5 and even 6TB drives on the market targeted for consumers. If this is not enough for you, Seagate is launching an 8TB drive at an “Affordable Price”. Sold by Seagate under the “Seagate Archive HDD Label” brand

You Can Easily Delete Protected Disk Partitions

You Can Easily Delete All Partitions From a Hard Drive With This Procedure When your hard drive is provided to you by the manufacturer, the preparation has already done by the drive manufacturer. If you buy a used hard drive, or want to change the partitions on a hard drive, sometimes the “Manage” function will not be able to delete or modify some of the partitions put there by the