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Remove All the Annoying Browser Toolbars

Remove All Those Pesky Browser Toolbars ! Many times, when you install software, especially the free ones, the installation program will automatically install browsers Toolbars, Addons and other Extras unless you specifically opt out. Don’t be fooled these “free” goodies are not your friends. Remove these unwanted Browser Toolbars – you will be glad you did. There was a time when the Toolbars helped you in your internet journey. Today, modern browsers, such

Analyze Your Hard Drive Space…

Just What Is Using Up All My Hard Drive Space? If you are getting low on disk space, and you have completed a quick disk cleanup, one of the next steps, is to find out exactly what is using up all that space on your hard drive. One of the best Windows freeware hard disk analysis programs is WinDirStat.  This program will quickly scan your hard drive and display exactly

Can’t uninstall a Program?

Use Microsoft FIX IT ! Ever had a difficult program that could not be uninstalled from the “Program and Features” icon in the control panel?  Here is a trick from Microsoft. Use “Microsoft Fix It”.  You can download this onto your computer and it does a great job of correcting or deleting these corrupted files.  See the instructions below if you need more help. 1. Open a browser at http://support.microsoft.com/fixit/