HGST Announces 12Gb/s SAS Solid State Drives

HGST Announces 12Gb/s SAS Solid State Drives for High-Performance You can never have enough performance in enterprise applications. To meet that need, HGST Announces 12Gb/s SAS Solid State Drives. These are currently the fastest enterprise-class, multi-level cell (MLC) SAS SSD family of drives. (Ultrastar SSD800MH, Ultrastar SSD800MM and Ultrastar SSD1000MR). These HGST drives are the first to double today’s SAS interface speed and utilize the 12G/s interface standard. These are designed for the

Hidden Windows 10 Caches

Hidden Windows Caches & How to Clear Them With Windows, a fair bit of space on your hard drive is used for Disk Caching and Windows 10 is no exception. A disk cache is intended to store files that are likely to be used again, so they are kept ready for your use to speed things and boost your system performance.  The issue is that over time, your disk caches may

PC Loaded with Software? Should I Remove It?

Clean your PC with Should I Remove It! If you are like most PC users, over time you find your PC filled with software applications and utilities that you never use, and some that are downright troublesome. You can do this manually from the control panel, but this is time-consuming and provides you no guidance as to which programs are good candidates for removal. Enter “Should I Remove It?”!  

USB Flash Drive Guide

What to look for when Buying a Flash Drive Personal free cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Google Drive just to name a few) is everywhere these days, but there is nothing quite like a flash drive that you can loan to a friend or transfer files from one location to another. The good news, today’s flash drives are faster and cheaper than ever. What should you look for when buying

(SSD) Solid State Drive Specifications Of Interest

(SSD) Solid State Drive Specifications   Everyone seems to be making SSD drives these days. Not all SSD’s are created equal. Just with a rotational hard drive there are ways to measure and evaluate that SSD before you hand over the cash! IOPS When it comes to SSD performance, you should compare (IOPS) Input/Output Operations Per Second. IOPS is a estimated measure of how fast the SSD can read and write