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Improved Searching with Windows 10

Tips for Improved Searching with Windows 10 Find the Cortana search window is in the way? Do you find that search for a specific set of files returns other search results as well? Here are some Tips for Improved Searching with Windows 10, specifically for “Files”, “Settings”, “Apps” or on the”Web”! 1st If you find you like to “pin” your frequently used applications on the taskbar, but are running short on real

Be More Productive with Windows 8.1 – Part 1

Be More Productive with Windows 8.1 Change is never easy and ever since Windows 8 came out there have been several usability issues with the new OS. Experienced and novice users alike were finding it hard to switch from their beloved Windows Version 7. This was the first significant departure from the Windows look and feel, going all the way back to XP and Vista. Each new version had a

Windows 7 & 8 Taskbar Enhancements & Tricks!

Windows 7  & 8 Taskbar Enhancements… Some you know… Some you probably don’t. Most people who have used Windows 7 and 8 long enough accidentally stumble upon some of the more useful features in Windows 7 & 8.  One is the convenient enhanced taskbar where you can hover over program icons and see a small graphic thumbnail of the actual application window without opening it.  The graphic below shows the result of hovering