Recover a Deleted File with Recuva

Did you ever accidently delete a file from the trash can and realize you need that file back. With the free software from the makers of  CCleaner (Piriform) the free version of Recuva is a no cost Windows OS option to quickly recover that recently deleted file from your hard drive. Just remember, writing additional data to the drive that has the file you wish to recover, can quickly make the file not recoverable.

Install this software now, before you need it! If you don’t the installtion of the program itself may write over any data you wish to recover!

The installation and use of Recuva are straightforward and easy. The screen captures below will show you how!

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You should specify the location of the file you that your are are wanting to recover. This will shorten the process and improve your probability of success.

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The candidates for recovery will be presented ready for you to select the desired file(s).

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Recuva is free and is easy to use.

Recuva includes the ability to specify the location of a the search and is intuitive to use. The portable version can run from a USB drive.


Recuva is not as powerful or full-featured as some of the commercial products you can purchase.

Recuva will report files as unrecoverable if the data has been partially written over.


Recuva will work just fine for the occasionally deleted file that you need to recover.

Recuva should be used before significant data is written to the drive.


Recuva should also work on your digital camera card. Another option for your camera card is TestDisk’s open source companion PhotoRec!

This is one of those  Windows software utilities you need to install before you need it – Install Recuva Today!