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What’s The Difference Between DDR3 & DDR4

Let’s Compare DDR3 and DDR4 RAM Most of us have been using DDR3 RAM for years.  It has been the gold standard for the PC enthusiast. If you have been paying attention, DDR4 RAM is now on the scene. One would assume that DDR4 is better but is it? Does it cost more? Is it faster in real world applications? What are the technical differences? Let’s Compare DDR3 and DDR4

Find Applications Fast – Windows 10

Here is a Faster Way To Find Windows 10 Applications If you have a lot of programs installed in your Windows 10 PC, here is a quick way to speed up your search and get those apps running fast. Click Start and then on All Apps. This will pop up a list of apps alphabetically as shown below: Click on any letter and you instantly have a search for by

USB Flash Drive Guide

What to look for when Buying a Flash Drive Personal free cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Google Drive just to name a few) is everywhere these days, but there is nothing quite like a flash drive that you can loan to a friend or transfer files from one location to another. The good news, today’s flash drives are faster and cheaper than ever. What should you look for when buying

Use Keyboard Shortcuts!

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Become More Productive When using Windows, using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity, reduce repetitive strain, and help keep you focused. If you are not using these you owe it to yourself to give these a try! Highlighting text with the keyboard and pressing Ctrl + C is much faster than taking your hand from the keyboard, highlighting the text using the mouse, clicking copy

Pin Often Used Documents to Jump Lists

Pin Your Often Used Documents to Applications Jump Lists Here is a quick tip that can save you valuable time when opening your frequently accessed, or often used documents! Most of us have a few Excel spreadsheets, Word documents or any other document you access frequently. Today you may be opening the parent application and then opening the file from the frequently accessed list. Alternatively you may have created a document shortcut on