Google Like Funnies – Just for FUN!

Disclaimer:  This is really not Google at all, it is really a satire of Google… it is elgooGelgooG is Google spelled backwards, and is the work of a parody web site designed and hosted by All Too Flat.

elgooG Funnies Screen Captures - Click on each item in the list below to try them for yourself!

  Everything is backwards – Every had a day where everything was just backwards?
  Search Underwater with Google – Watch Out for the Sharks, Move the mouse, Try a search.
  Gravity – The Sky is Falling, and so are the search results!
  Terminal – What if Google were invented in the ’80’s?
  Pac-ManRemember this one… Released in the ’80’s.
Hot-PC-Tips-elgooG-Funnies-6   Guitar – Strum a string; use the keyboard; click record.  Record a “tune” and then play it back with the generated URL!
  Snake Game – This game can be addicting…
  Bing Wallpaper – Some nice images… with links to more.
  My Location – Now this one actually has some value. The geographic location of your internet provder (WAN IP)!
  Bing Mirror – A backwards version of Bing Search in case you can’t get enough of doing things backwards!

This all started out to help users in China access Google with out the authorities knowing. It’s value to the Chinese ended when China was allowed to use Google.

Generally the search box types right to left, and the results display backwards. You can search for words either backwards or forwards, but typing them backwards is more fun.

Have fun with a little backwards thinking!