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USB Flash Drive Guide

What to look for when Buying a Flash Drive Personal free cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Google Drive just to name a few) is everywhere these days, but there is nothing quite like a flash drive that you can loan to a friend or transfer files from one location to another. The good news, today’s flash drives are faster and cheaper than ever. What should you look for when buying

Create Windows 10 System Image and Boot Disk

 Windows 10 Up and Running? YOU SHOULD DO THIS NOW! You may have heard of Windows 10 problems for some early adopters. We have not experienced this on the systems we have upgraded, but just to be on the safe side, you should have the ability to restore functionality should a problem occur. So… as soon as you have a solid and working  Windows 10 Installation, you should create a System

What is USB 3.1 and Why Should I Care?

What is USB 3.1 and Why Should I Care? The first devices with USB Type-C connectors utilizing the accompanying USB 3.1 standard are now reaching consumers. Just what we need, another new standard. What are the advantages and why should we care?  The shift from USB 2.0 to 3.0 was straightforward because coloring both the cables and plugs of the USB 3.0 hardware bright blue made it easy to tell them

Control Access to your PC with Predator

Predator Will Lock & Unlock Your PC with a USB Flash Drive Predator is one of the most popular tools for turning a USB drive into an access control device. It’s completely free with no limitations or missing features for personal and non-commercial use.  There is a $30 charge per PC for use in a commercial environment. This is very reasonable, when you consider the added security it provides. Predator locks

USB 3.1 – What Does This Mean for You?

The SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Spec Approved With 10 Gbps The USB 3.1 specification is complete and will raise the SuperSpeed USB transfer rate up to 10 Gbps. The current USB 3.0 spec has a limit of 5 Gbps.  This latest release will double the speed of the USB 3 standard and make SuperSpeed USB more competitive with Intel’s Thunderbolt technology which has a speed limit of 20 Gbps. Unfortunately, the