What WiFi Band Is My Laptop Using?

Laptop WiFi Band Information Recently upgraded your WiFi and wonder if your laptop is connected to this network.  Just how do you find out “What WiFi Band Is My Laptop Using?“.  There is no immediate way to find out using the “ipconfig /all” command. No worries just use the “netsh” command. Open either the “Command Prompt” or the “Windows Power Shell”. Enter “netsh wlan show interfaces” and press enter:The example above was

What Is Power Over Ethernet?

Why Power Over Ethernet (POE)?  Why & When Should I use it?  Why Power Over Ethernet? Simply put, Power over Ethernet (POE) is a technology that allows network cables to also carry power (typically DC) in addition to the network signal. This is done in order to power network devices that require a low level of power in addition to a network signal to function properly. This is done without the need to run

Basic Wireless Networking Security

Wireless Networking Security 1:  Create a unique SSID Identifier When setting up a wireless network, make sure you consider Basic Wireless Networking Security Techniques. All wireless routers have the ability for you to set a Service Set Identifier (SSID) that identifies them to network computers. Routers from the same manufacturer generally ship with the same SSID. You should set this to something unique so that you are sure you are

Computer Waking From Sleep By Itself?

Stop your PC from Waking from Sleep By Itself One of the common problems PC users have, is finding that their PC waking from sleep without them touching the keyboard or mouse. If your mouse is waking up your PC you may be interested in this article discussing how to prevent your mouse from waking your PC from sleep. If it is not the Mouse or Keyboard waking your PC, it

Power User: Use Process Explorer

An Attractive Alternatives to Windows Task Manager The Windows Task Manager that comes with Windows is often used for killing a rogue task. While it has more capability than that, there are some great replacement products, that have advanced features and really help you manage your processes. Best of all you can grab them from the net for the price of FREE! Use Process Explorer! It is a great tool