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Use Excel for Everyday Problems

  Use Excel for Everday Problems The latest version of Excel from Microsoft 2016 is better than ever.  Use Excel for Everday Problems! Everyone know you can use Excel to build that gigantic company financial analysis sheet, and as such it is a fantastic business tool.  Excel is also good for finding a quick solution for everyday problems at home such as loans and much more. The sky is really the limit

Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu

Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu To Fit Your Needs The Windows 10 Start Menu can be customized just for you!  Let’s Get Started! 1. Adjust System Settings First, let’s take a look at the Start Menu Windows 10 System Settings.  This can be found under Start : Settings : Personalization : Start. These are rather obvious. Play around with these options until you get things just as you like

Excel Shortcuts To Make you More Productive

Excel Shortcuts To Make you More Productive Excel in the hands of a trained user is simply an amazing tool for doing anything with numbers. Once you have your data entered, you can perform instant calculations and produce amazing charts and graphs. Here are a few Excel shortcuts to make you more productive in your everyday use of this amazing software tool.  Resize several columns with this simple step: Often

Improved Searching with Windows 10

Tips for Improved Searching with Windows 10 Find the Cortana search window is in the way? Do you find that search for a specific set of files returns other search results as well? Here are some Tips for Improved Searching with Windows 10, specifically for “Files”, “Settings”, “Apps” or on the”Web”! 1st If you find you like to “pin” your frequently used applications on the taskbar, but are running short on real

Need a Media Converter ? Try Handbrake

If You Need a Media Converter – You Should GiveHandbreak A Try! If you Need a Media Converter, you should try Handbrake. You will find a version for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and more on their Download Page. Here are some of the features you will find in this great “no-cost” “open- source” software. Built-in Device Presets: With the built-in presets you can get started in just seconds by choosing a profile optimized