The Amazing Cicret Bracelet – But Is It For Real?

A revolutionary new High Tech Wearable Device appears to be preparing for launch. The Amazing Cicret Bracelet claims to offer a virtual  Android experience beamed onto your skin without any additional hardware. If this product makes it to the market, and it works as demonstrated in the video below, it will be a hit for sure.

For those that are wondering how the Cicret Bracelet works, it utilizes a combination of a Pico Projector, eight motion sensors and an accelerometer to make all the magic happen. To see this amazing device in action check out the video below:

Other components within the bracelet will allow you to communicate with your smart phone. The bracelet will include Bluetooth, WiFi and a vibration function. The components included are summarized in the graphic below.Hot PC Tips - Circet

Here is the bad news, there is no Cicret Bracelet release date as of yet. We also have no idea what the price tag will be for this little gem.

Check out the  Official Circet bracelet website, and  Facebook page.

Only time will tell if this will become reality – It is one of the best concepts for a wearable device we have seen!