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Computer Waking From Sleep By Itself?

Stop your PC from Waking from Sleep By Itself One of the common problems PC users have, is finding that their PC waking from sleep without them touching the keyboard or mouse. If your mouse is waking up your PC you may be interested in this article discussing how to prevent your mouse from waking your PC from sleep. If it is not the Mouse or Keyboard waking your PC, it

Turn on Adaptive Brightness on Your Laptop!

Enable Adaptive Brightness to Stretch Battery Life We would all like to have longer computing time, when when your laptop is un-tethered from its power supply and you are operating on battery power . As you probably know or could guess, the two primary culprits of battery drain in a laptop are the Hard Drive and the Internal Display. If you are lucky enough to have your laptop equipped with an

Intel Introduces New “Broadwell” Processor

What Makes the Intel “Broadwell” Processor Special? Intel has just introduced its “Broadwell” processor platform to the world. This may be the most significant technical advancement that Intel has made in a processor since the creation of x86. This is a giant leap in the processor market due to it’s dramatic increase in power and efficiency. Intel is moving into the market previously “owned” by today’s ARM technology, most commonly found

Does Your Mouse Wake Your PC from Sleep?

Stop your mouse from waking your computer… Did you ever find that when you tell your PC to go into sleep mode that for some reason it just starts again?  The problem may be that it is sensing a signal from your mouse and waking the computer when you don’t want it to. It is probably safest to use the keyboard to wake your PC from Sleep since the smallest

Now You Have All The Power…

“God” Mode (well at least in the PC realm…) A little known secret from those sneaky Windows 7 Programmers… Just create a new folder on your desktop and right click to rename it: “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”.  You must use this exact string, except of course for the quotes, and Presto-Chango the folder Icon changes from the usual folder icon to this special icon, designed just for you power hungry users.  You now