The numeric name of the Seagate Seven Hard Drive doesn’t refer to its capacity, but instead, it refers to something much more important to travelers: its size.

This drive is advertised as the thinnest 500GB portable hard drive in the world. It mHot PC Tips - Segate 7mmmeasures just 7mm slim, with a precision-crafted steel enclosure that highlights the look of the bare drive while offering excellent protection for your data.

Note:  7mm is just over 1/4 of an inch thick, or about the thickness of an old fashioned wooden pencil.

This drive is powered by the included USB 3.0 cable and weighing just over three ounces, it’s an ideal way to lighten your load while keeping plenty of physical storage on hand.

Christmas is over, maybe just ask for 1 for your birthday! This is just cool !

The complete data sheet can be found here !

Get one of these and impress your buds in your next Business Meeting!