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What’s The Difference Between DDR3 & DDR4

Let’s Compare DDR3 and DDR4 RAM Most of us have been using DDR3 RAM for years.  It has been the gold standard for the PC enthusiast. If you have been paying attention, DDR4 RAM is now on the scene. One would assume that DDR4 is better but is it? Does it cost more? Is it faster in real world applications? What are the technical differences? Let’s Compare DDR3 and DDR4

Power User: Use Process Explorer

An Attractive Alternatives to Windows Task Manager The Windows Task Manager that comes with Windows is often used for killing a rogue task. While it has more capability than that, there are some great replacement products, that have advanced features and really help you manage your processes. Best of all you can grab them from the net for the price of FREE! Use Process Explorer! It is a great tool

Short on RAM, Use Virtual Memory!

Use ReadyBoost to Increase Virtual Memory Just what is Virtual Memory? As you do more and more with your PC, and you become a “Power User”, or you have less than 8GB of system memory, you may find that your system is slowing down due to “Overloaded Ram”. The best option for maximum performance is to install a minimum of 8 GB and preferably 16 GB, or more of RAM. This can

Welcome the new Memory Standard DDR4

DDR4 Memory is Here Now – What are the Differences? In the world of computing, changes are inevitable as hardware makers continue to push forward with new technology developments in order to stay competitive and improve performance. As next generation and faster PC components such as SSD drives and  get faster and faster, we need faster and faster memory to keep up the pace. If you have been around the Personal