Windows or Apple: Four Advantages Windows PC Users Have Over Apple PC Users

Windows or OS X:  Today many are faced with that question when they consider a new PC purchase. For many the popularity of iPhones and iPads may have them consider switching to an Apple PC. You will pay more for that Apple PC, but money aside, here are four things you will miss if you switch.

ONE: You Can Be Part of the Worlds Largest User Base

Per a recent Forbes study, industry analysts have Apple’s U.S. share of the 2013 PC market at 12.6% and 10.3%.  Respectively, and both have the company’s worldwide share at 5.4%. Both research firms have the worldwide PC shipments at 316 million for the year, vs 17.1 million Macs.

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Per Forbes Study in Feb of 2014 – less than 10% of users use OSX

Despite the rise in popularity of Apple PS’s over the past decade or so, the Mac OS (OS X) just can’t compete with the huge market share of Windows. There is something to be said for being part of such a huge crowd. You can be quite confident that if you’re having a problem with your Windows PC or Windows software, someone somewhere has had it before and found a fix that you can use too.

Two: You Can Use Programs You Are Familiar With

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You may be able to find a Mac alternative to many of the most popular Windows programs, there is just no substitute for using programs you are familiar with and are used by the majority of personal computer users.

While there is a version of Microsoft Office available for the Mac, it is not a full replacement for the version you are used to with Windows. There are a lot of very stable software programs that exist in the world of windows that you can use at no cost.  This includes FileZilla and Microsoft Expression Web 4, just to name a couple.

Three: Gaming – If you Enjoy Gaming with your PC – There is Really Only One Choice

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While the possibility for you to use your Mac to play the latest Game releases is slowly getting better, Windows clearly has the lead in this area. One of the greatest strengths of PC gaming is the sheer breadth of titles available to you. Only a small portion of new releases being made available for Apple PC’s. You also have the ability to configure your Windows PC as needed to play the games you want to play (see reason 4)!

Four: Build Your Own – Repair and Upgrade Your Custom Windows PC

Many PC users have made building, upgrading, tweaking and optimizing their PC a serious hobby. With a Windows PC comes the freedom that you have to customize your PC with your choice of components to match your needs and budget. When it is time to upgrade your system, you can re-use many of your components and upgrade in stages. There is also a good market to sell your older components and maximize your PC upgrade investment.

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While building your own PC is not for everyone it is becoming more popular all the time. This is in part to continuing hardware developments and availability of Windows PC components. Anyone who has a serious interest can build and customize their PC, as PC component manufactures have make it quite easy.
Don’t for get the repair and replacement factor. Repairing an Apple PC is much more difficult than with a Windows PC.  Just getting an Apple PC apart can require significant skill and a bit of luck. Despite what Apple would want you to think; Yes occasionally components fail in an Apple PC just as they do in a Windows PC. The difference is that in a windows PC it is relatively easy to troubleshoot the problem, and replace just the failed component. For the those that like to tinker with the technical, a Windows PC is a natural choice.
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Now would be a good time to build that first custom Windows PC !