The Best Free Windows FTP client available – FileZilla

If you work on the web, run a home FTP server, or you just prefer a quick download from time to time, a solid, full-featured FTP client is invaluable. While not every Windows User needs an FTP client these days, if you do, look no further than FileZilla.Hot PC Tips - FTP SW FileZilla (1)

FileZilla is a free, open-source FTP client for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With cross-platform support, and ease of use, FileZilla is a great option for the average FTP user. FileZilla is fast, full-featured and reliable. FileZilla is not a static product, but rather well maintained and regularly updated.  As of this writing the latest version of the client ssoftware is which includes five recent updates.

  1. Fix sporadic crashes when using FTP over TLS
  2. Fix timestamps in LIST output being off up to 7 minutes in extreme cases
  3. Speed up querying file attributes
  4. Auoban did not work over IPv6
  5. Fixed selection in user list sort dropdown behind the corresponding toolbar button

There is even a portable version which you can use when on the go. With the portable version you can take your server list and settings with you. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or on a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind.

You can use the FileZilla server application to build your own home FTP server, and upload and download files on your home PC from anywhere. This may sound complicated, but is relatively easy and free with FileZilla Server.

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FileZilla has an easy to use SiteManager to keep track of all your logins and passwords.

Some of the key features of FileZilla include:

  • Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Cross-platform. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X and more
  • IPv6 support
  • Available in many languages
  • Supports resume and transfer of large files >4GB
  • Tabbed user interface
  • Powerful Site Manager and transfer queue
  • Bookmarks
  • Drag & drop support
  • Configurable transfer speed limits
  • Filename filters
  • Directory comparison
  • Network configuration wizard
  • Remote file editing
  • Keep-alive
  • HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP-Proxy support
  • Logging to file
  • Synchronized directory browsing
  • Remote file search

You can find all the documentation for the suite of FileZilla applications here.  Documentation

When you need an FTP client for Windows, Mac or Linux… Look No Further than FileZilla.