Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu To Fit Your Needs

The Windows 10 Start Menu can be customized just for you!  Let’s Get Started!

1. Adjust System Settings

First, let’s take a look at the Start Menu Windows 10 System Settings.  This can be found under Start : Settings : Personalization : Start.

Hot-PC-Tips -Start Menu Options

These are rather obvious. Play around with these options until you get things just as you like them.  The Use Start full screen option is great for a windows tablet.  Just remember all of these options may not make sense for you!

2.  Choose Which Folders Appear on Start

By selecting the last option on the menu above you can Choose which folders appear on Start. This will allow you to select which folders appear directly on your Start Menu.


3.  Pin to Start

If you’d like to add tiles of your favorite or frequently used applications to your Start Menu, simply right-click on any program and selectPin to Start. Once a program has been added to the Start Menu, you can adjust the size of the icon by right-clicking the tile selecting Resize.

Hot PC Tips - Pin Start Menu

4.  Label Your Icon Groups

To help you keep things organized you can label any of your the tile groupings in the space provided as shown below.


Play Around… This is Just the Beginning!

Windows 10 has all the tools you need to make the Start Menu your own!  Don’t be afraid to play around until you get things just as you like them.