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Speed Up Your PC with an SSD Upgrade

Benchmarks Show Dramatic Performance Gains with an SSD Drive Upgrade The prices continue to drop on SSD drives, making them now, more than ever, an attractive upgrade for your PC or Laptop.  In short there are three reasons you should consider an SSD Upgrade, swapping our that primary hard drive with an SSD drive. Significantly Improved Read/Write Performance They Consume Less Power They are Durable They also weigh less and operate

Turn on Adaptive Brightness on Your Laptop!

Enable Adaptive Brightness to Stretch Battery Life We would all like to have longer computing time, when when your laptop is un-tethered from its power supply and you are operating on battery power . As you probably know or could guess, the two primary culprits of battery drain in a laptop are the Hard Drive and the Internal Display. If you are lucky enough to have your laptop equipped with an

Move My Documents to Another Drive

Do You Need More Space on Your C Drive? If you are running out of storage space on your primary C: drive, perhaps because you have installed an SSD drive or for any other reason, it is easy to relocate your documents, music, pictures or videos to another hard drive in your system or to a network drive. Windows has a great utility to help you accomplish this task, and

Have an SSD Drive? You Should Verify Trim Setting

Verify SSD Trim Support – It is Important! You need to understand what TRIM does for your SSD drive, to appreciate why it is so important. You probably know your SSD drive is blazing fast at reading data, but not as fast at writing data.  Here is why: When copying data to your new SSD it is copying to a blank space, so it is able to operate at full speed.