What’s New in Good Old Gmail?

Gmail Now Has New Emojis and Themes It seems that Gmail is used by virtually everyone these days. Thanks to Google it has even more features than ever.  Let’s look at a two: Emojis are the successor to emoticons. They can say in pictures what is difficult to put into words. Just take a look. There are more than I can count – ready and available for your use. To insert

The Catch With Windows 10

What’s the Catch With Windows 10? One of the potential catches with the soon to be released Windows 10 upgrade, will center around the area of software updates. Updates will be automatic and you will not be able to opt out. If Microsoft doesn’t abuse this, it may not be a problem. In the past most Windows updates have been desirable, create no problems and help protect your system. If

Send “Really Large Files” Via Gmail

You Can Send “Really Large Files” Via Gmail Sometimes you need to send “Really Large Files” via email.  If you use Gmail as your email engine, Google has you covered. Most email clients limit the size of attachments to 10MB or so. In the past, Gmail limited the size of the file you could attach in an email to 25MB. That limit is gone with Google Drive’s integration with Gmail.

Cortana Arrives on the Windows 10 Desktop

Cortana Arrives on the Windows 10 Desktop What Are The Capabilities of this Virtual Assistant?  A Virtual Assistant for the Desktop Virtual Assistants became popular with the smartphones, but until now, they were not available on the Windows desktop. Cortana from Microsoft will be available in Windows 10 when released, and if you are a member of the Windows Insider program you can experiment with Cortana now! Cortana from Microsoft

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 Is Coming But Should I Upgrade? The question of the year for Windows Users is “Should I upgrade to Windows 10?” Microsoft is bringing a host of upgrades, improvements, and refinements, but what are the downsides and what functionality is being removed? Just what are the Pros  and Cons  of the free upgrade? Here are a few salient points to consider, before taking the plunge. THE GOOD    Windows 10 is the