You Can Send “Really Large Files” Via GmailHot PC Tips - GMAIL - GOOGLE DRIVE

Sometimes you need to send “Really Large Files” via email.  If you use Gmail as your email engine, Google has you covered.

Most email clients limit the size of attachments to 10MB or so. In the past, Gmail limited the size of the file you could attach in an email to 25MB. That limit is gone with Google Drive’s integration with Gmail. Now using Gmail you can send “Really Large Files” to any email address. There are no more limits (subject to the space available on your Google Drive)!Hot PC Tips - Gmail With Google Drive IntegrationGoogle Drive is the unified online cloud storage service for Gmail and other Google apps, which offers a minimum of 15GB of free storage. If a file you want to send is over 25MB, then you can simply insert it through Google Drive, an option available right in the Compose window, as shown above.

Use Google Drive to “Send Really Large Files” via Gmail!