Why Power Over Ethernet (POE)?  Why & When Should I use it? 

Why Power Over Ethernet? Simply put, Power over Ethernet (POE) is a technology that allows network cables to also carry power (typically DC) in addition to the network signal. This is done in order to power network devices that require a low level of power in addition to a network signal to function properly. This is done without the need to run a separate power cable to the device.

What Are The Benefits of POE

This is very handy for network (or IP) surveillance cameras or WiFi access points just to name a two.  No special cables are required, as ordinary Cat5 Cat6 etc, ethernet cables will work just fine.

To utilize POE, you will need a way to inject, or place the required power on the ethernet cable.  This is done in two ways:

  1. Using a POE injector.  Several examples are shown below:

Hot PC Tips -Typical POE injector
Hot PC Tips - What is POE (1) Hot PC Tips - What is POE (1)

  1. Using a POE Network Switch

Hot PC Tips - POE Switch

In the D-Link PoE 8 port switch, up to four ports can be used for POE.  All ports will work in a normal network traffic switching mode allowing you to expand your use of POE over time.

Two Typical Types Of POE Devices

1 WiFi Access Point: A great way to improve the WiFi Access in a central location!


2 IP Cameras: A great way to add security to your home or office!

Hot PC Tips - POE Camera
Hot PC Tips - POE DEVICES (4)

POE Standards

There are two typical POE standards 802.3af and 802.3at.  The first is typically known as standard POE and the later POE Plus.  Without getting too technical, just verify you use the correct type of injector or POE switch and everything will work as it should.

Get on the POE bandwagon and you will never look back !