Wolfram Alpha Is Awesome and Is Not Just For Fun!

WolframAlpha is an engine for computing answers and providing knowledge.  It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to automatically answer questions, do analysis, and generate reports.  What can WA do for you?  Read on…

What can WolframAlpha Do for You? Read on…

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Wolfram Alpha is an artificially intelligence powered information source and graphing calculator that can analyze an amazing array of problems. Want to know the life history of Colonel Sanders, including place and date of birth and a glimpse into his married life? This is just cool. Don’t you wish you had this for that research project in High School?

Wolfram Alpha has a bizarrely broad and sophisticated suite of features, and is the student’s best friend.

Examples at Work

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  Examples at Home

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Examples at School

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  Examples at Play

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Check this out!  Let the fun begin. What can you discover today?