Accessories Folder – Windows 10 – Harder to Find

Many of you are used to finding all the Windows 10 Accessories Folder at the top level of the Start Menu. In Windows 10, the Accessories Folder appears to have vanished. It is still there, just a little harder to find than it was in the prior versions of Windows.

To find it, begin your search by a quick a click on the Start menu icon. You would expect to find the Accessories Folder listed under the “A”‘s but it is not there!  This is because Microsoft has renamed it to “Windows Accessories“. Scroll down to the “W’s” and you will find it there.  You will also find Windows Administrative Tools and several other Windows… folders.Hot PC Tips - Windows Accessories In Windows 10

 Here is a tip you will find very useful when navigating the start menu. To quickly jump to any letter, instead of scrolling, simply click on the “0-9” at the top and you can quickly select and go to any grouping of apps starting with a particular letter.  In this case, select “W“.  Now there isn’t that easier?
Once you have found the Accessories Folder, click it, and all the tools you know, along with a few new ones will be there.  You will find Notepad, Paint, Character Map, Math input Panel, and lots of cool tools including the Steps Recorder and Sticky Notes.Hot PC Tips - Windows Accessories In Windows 10

 Remember, when you find just the Windows tool you are looking for, you can pin it to the taskbar or to the start menu by right clicking and selecting the appropriate action.

Now there see how easy that was, you are becoming an expert at this!