Use a free on line service to convert a PDF to text.

Bundled with the right software some scanners can convert the text in a document to editable format, but most of you probably don’t have ready access to these tools.  Say hello to “ONLINE OCR“.

On Line OCR

On Line OCR

ONLINE OCR hast the traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool, which scans each letter in the file and converts it into text.  With ONLINE OCR, you simply upload the file, select the language of the file, and select an output format.  You can choose from .txt, docx, or xlsx.   You will be returned a file that is stripped of most extraneous details, leaving editable text.

You will need to register if you have more than 1 page to scan.  With your registered free account you have more options including: multi-page text extractions, extra output formats, extra recognition languages and more. Over 40 languages are supported, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The next time you need to produce editable text from a pdf document give ONLINE OCR a try!