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Cortana Arrives on the Windows 10 Desktop

Cortana Arrives on the Windows 10 Desktop What Are The Capabilities of this Virtual Assistant?  A Virtual Assistant for the Desktop Virtual Assistants became popular with the smartphones, but until now, they were not available on the Windows desktop. Cortana from Microsoft will be available in Windows 10 when released, and if you are a member of the Windows Insider program you can experiment with Cortana now! Cortana from Microsoft

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 Is Coming But Should I Upgrade? The question of the year for Windows Users is “Should I upgrade to Windows 10?” Microsoft is bringing a host of upgrades, improvements, and refinements, but what are the downsides and what functionality is being removed? Just what are the Pros  and Cons  of the free upgrade? Here are a few salient points to consider, before taking the plunge. THE GOOD    Windows 10 is the

Enable Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Enable The Windows 10 Notification Want to get the Free Windows 10 Upgrade? Most of you have probably already noticed the “Get Windows 10” notification in your taskbar as shown at right. If you have not, and you want to be an early Windows 10 adopter, this may help you to enable this option to get the early free upgrade. Remember, if you decide at a later date you want

Search Your Files for Specific Content

Search Your Files for Specific Content With Windows With more and more data being stored on computers these days, it can be hard to keep track of all that data. The built-in Windows search function is handy, but it doesn’t always find the data you are searching for.  The tips below can ensure Windows always performs a complete search appropriate to how you use your PC. Enhancing Windows Search By

Get Windows 10 Free – But When?

Windows 10 Is Coming – Will It Be Free For You? Later this year, Microsoft will begin to offer free Windows 10 upgrades to every PC currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Service Pack 1, except for the Enterprise editions. Microsoft evidently thinks businesses can afford the upgrade! Exactly when is a bit of a mystery, but rumors are it will be sometime in the July-August time-frame. How is this