Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ Smart Watch

Hot PC Tips - IRONMAN ONE GPS+Ok; I admit it, at a price of $400, it is one of the most expensive smart watches, soon to be on the market. When you need to travel light and need to leave your phone behind this may be just the gadget you’ve been looking for.

The IRONMAN ONE GPS+ has built in Bluetooth, a GPS, tunes and messaging. The GPS provides you your distance and pace – all close as your wrist.  With 4Gig of storage and connectivity with your Bluetooth headphones, or Bluetooth Speaker you have plenty of room for all those tunes to keep you motivated as you go. You can seed and receive messages right from your wrist.

Get into trouble you have a SOS feature, complete with Instafix, to provide your precise location. This feature could literally save your life due to the possibility of an attack or other health problem.

The display uses very little power and yet is bright enough to use in daylight due to the new Qualcomm Mirasol display which reduces the watch’s power needs and makes the LCD display easier to read in daylight.Hot PC Tips - IRONMAN ONE GPS+

Live tracking allows friends to see your progress and location.  You can also use the SOS feature to quickly send a pre-set message to designated contacts.

Per the Timex web site, the IRONMAN ONE GPS+ will include one year of data from AT&T, so you don’t need to take your smartphone with you. With limited number of Apps, it is not a replacement for your smart phone, but it has all you need for those times when you want to travel light.

It is expected to be available later in the year, but you can be first to get one since you can pre-order it on the Timex Web Site. Initially, it will be available in Grey or Black.  You can also order with the Bluetooth heart rate monitor strap, for an additional $50.

How cool is that!