Clean your PC with Should I Remove It!

If you are like most PC users, over time you find your PC filled with software applications and utilities that you never use, and some that are downright troublesome.

You can do this manually from the control panel, but this is time-consuming and provides you no guidance as to which programs are good candidates for removal.

This little software utility will show you a list of all the software programs you have installed on your PC and help you determine which ones you can and should remove. “Should I Remove It?” provides insight as to which software programs may contain adwarebloatware, and other software you should consider removing. You really don’t want or need all those browser toolbars that seem to get installed without your permission. The program collects this information from a database, based on other users. When you use the program you are actually contributing to the database.

So… if you’re PC is loaded with software programs you no longer use but are unsure which programs you can safely remove, give “Should I Remove It?” a try!

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Hot PC Tips - Should I Remove It Benefits

“Sould I Remove It?” contains:

 No adware, spyware, or malware
 Is easy to install and uninstall
 Does not run in the background

Next to the name of each program is a one to  five star rating based on input from other users, as well as the percentage of users that have uninstalled that software program. Most software programs can be removed using the “Should I Remove It?” interface with just a few clicks of your mouse.

If you want a little more information about a program, you can click on the name. “Should I Remove It?” will show you the version number and when it was installed. To find out a bit more about what a particular software program does, you can select the “What is it?” button.

Should I Remove It?” is 100% FREE, and does not bundle any adware, spyware, malware etc.

Give “Should I Remove It?” it a try and let us know what you think!