A Little Trick to Optimize Your Browser with your Favorite URL’s Favicons

Most of the PC users only visit 10 websites or so on a regular basis. If you have tried to list these all your favorites URL’s on the browser toolbar, you may have run out of room and had to resort to menus.

Here is a little trick to have 20-30 favicons for your favorite sites URLs, and have them all listed across the top menu bar, for really quick access. Once you have completed this process you will have:

  • In firefox it would look something like this:

Hot PC Tips - Firefox

  • In Chrome it would look something like this:

Hot PC Tips - Chome

Thanks to the widespread use of favicons you can easily identify a website by just their “favorite icon”. There is no need to display the name, since quickly you will recognize the favicon of each site. The steps to make this work for you are:

  • To start with, store a shortcut or URL of a few of your favorite websites on your favorite browser bar:
  • One by one, edit the Bookmark or Properties of each of the favorite URLs.

In Hot PC Tips - ChromeChrome you want to edit the bookmark:  Screenshot 2014-09-26 12.51.45

In Firefox you want to edit the properties:  Screenshot 2014-09-26 12.52.01

  • Then simply delete the name of the bookmark or URL.  as shown.  This field is optional and can be left blank.

In Chrome :Screenshot 2014-09-26 12.51.47  In Firefox :Screenshot 2014-09-26 12.52.06

When you save your changes, you will be left with only the favicon, freeing up lots of space for more of those favorite URLs. Continue this process until you have them all listed right on the browser toolbar, ready for instant access. If you find your favorite website does not have a favicon, you can simply use 1 character as an identifier.

If you use IE or another browser, a similar process should yield similar results.

Hope you find this useful, I sure do!