Quickly Copy the File Path to the Windows Clipboard

Have you ever found a need to quickly copy the file path of a particular file or folder?  Sometimes you need to remember the location of a specific file or program for later access or upload, or perhaps you are helping a friend and want to quickly send them the path to a particular file or folder.

Here is a quick little trick to quickly accomplish this task. To copy the file path to the Windows Clipboard, hold down the Shift key and right-click the file or folder you want. Select the “Copy as Path” option from the options window as shown below.Hot PC Tips - Save PathThe path of the file is now safely on your clipboard, and you can paste the info anywhere you can use the paste function. This could be in an email, in a document or wherever you would like to place this information. The pasted path will includeHot PC Tips - Firefox Log Path not only the drive and folder information but also the”File name”.

As an Example: I am searching for the maintenance service log file for Firefox to troubleshoot a problem I have been having. This one can be tricky find. I have finally found it and I want to remember where this is. I use this little trick to copy the path and the file name and I will paste it in a notepad file.  The resulting paste is:



Now you have one more little power tool in your bag of  Hot PC Tips! Go Forth and impress your friends!