Things to Consider When Buying An SSD

Things to Consider When Buying An SSD In the early days of the SSD Drives, there were issues with reliability and longevity. Most of these problems have been adequately addressed by the manufacturers, but there are things you  to consider before buying an SSD. [fac_icon icon=”check-square” color=”#00449e”] COST SSD prices have decreased dramatically in the last two years. Today SSD drives are very affordable as you can see below. Today you

Common Computer Myths (Part 1)

Some Common Computer Myths (Part 1) There are several common computer myths that seem to be prevalent among today’s PC users. Some have their roots in the computer technology of yesterday, and may have had some merit in the past, but let’s examine these in light of modern computer technology. Issue #1: Turning Your Computer On and Off Some believe they should never turn their computer off, while some believe

Speed Up Your PC – What Works Part 2

Lets Restore Some Of That New PC Speed! (Part 2) Speed Up Your PC – In Part 1 we discussed some of the possible changes to your system that may help you restore that New PC speed. Let’s look at some steps that have the potential to provide significant performance enhancement. For your Windows 7 PC After using your PC for a while and installing all the software and utilities

Speed Up Your PC – What Works & What Doesn’t (1)

Lets Restore Some Of That New PC Speed! (Part 1) No doubt you have probably noticed that your PC is not as fast as it was when it was new. Why is that?  What works to restore speed and what doesn’t? Possibility #1: Malware or Virus Infection If your system is infected with Malware, or a Virus, this can certainly slow down your system. Some infections can bring your system to

Short on RAM, Use Virtual Memory!

Use ReadyBoost to Increase Virtual Memory Just what is Virtual Memory? As you do more and more with your PC, and you become a “Power User”, or you have less than 8GB of system memory, you may find that your system is slowing down due to “Overloaded Ram”. The best option for maximum performance is to install a minimum of 8 GB and preferably 16 GB, or more of RAM. This can