Typing Shortcuts You Should Know!

Review these typing shortcuts and commit them to memory! Using just a few of the shortcuts built into Windows you can save your self some time and make your time spent in front of your computer more fun!  To capture a portion or all of your screen, You may want to use the snipping tool, as described in a prior Hot PC Tip, here, but if you prefer to use native

Don’t Forget to Optimize that Drive… Unless…

Optimize Your Traditional Hard Drive but not your SSD Drive ! Every version of windows since XP have included a basic Disk Defragmenter program.  On recent versions of windows you will find this in the start menu under Accessories, System Tools.  On Windows 8 it may be easier to just search for it using the search tool.On traditional hard drives this improves performance and speed by piecing together parts of

Connect SSD Drive for Best Performance!

Connect Your Solid State Drive to the Correct SATA Port For Best Performance! Great decision you have opted to upgrade your PC with an SSD drive. Did you know that connecting the SSD SATA data cable to the wrong motherboard port can slow down performance.  For example; late version Intel based motherboard will usually contain two 6 Gbps (SATA 3) ports. Some of these ports are designated to the chip