Dropbox is Becoming a Standard Install for Everyone!

Hot PC Tips - DropboxThere are several cloud storage options available for the PC user such as Box, Copy, OneDrive or Google Drive. They all have a similar purpose. Securily store those special files in the “Cloud” and make them available when you are in a different location. Using cloud storage also provides you a level of security, since you don’t have to worry about your hard drive crashing or some other problem preventing you from getting to the file(s) at a later time.

Warning, don’t ever put anything on the “Cloud” that would be a significant problem for you, if it fell in the wrong hands. Just say no to storing “private” pictures, passwords, etc. None of the cloud services are impervious to being hacked. You need to do your part and use a secure password, but sometimes the bad guys have a way of gaining access.

So which cloud service should you use? I actually use several, but I find the ease of use, the real attraction for Dropbox. Once you install it on your computers, it will silently maintain and update all the files you place there.

You can access your Dropbox on your mobile device by downloading the Dropbox App for your device. Dropbox apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire with more are on the way. If your phone isn’t listed and it has a web browser, then Dropbox has you covered. All of these apps are free and integrate with your mobile phone or device’s software:  Here are few of the features:

  • Access your entire Dropbox, or just a portion as you wish, where ever you are.
  • Browse, view and access files directly from your Dropbox. Most file types all you to open and edit them with 3rd party applications..
  • Take photos and videos using your devices’ built-in camera and save them directly to your Dropbox  Be careful here .
  • Star your favorite files to store them for offline access. When you go back online, Dropbox will upload any changes or let you know if the file has changed while you were away.
  • Share your files via links! Send the links to your friends using email, text messaging, or you can copy and paste the link into any application that supports Dropbox.
  • Share an entire folder with a friend, and they can do the same. You can specify if the shared files can be edited or just viewed.
  • Selective Sync allows you to control which files are made available on which device.
  • Store a copy of your favorite songs on a music folder and you can play those songs directly from your phone.

Hot PC Tips - DropboxTourAs of today, Dropbox offers three plans. The free plan is great for the individual user, and the price is right, but don’t skip over Dropbox Pro too quickly. A full Terabyte of storage for only $10 per month, now that is cool. If you share Dropbox with a friend and they signup, Dropbox will reward you with additional free storage space!

Hot PC Tips - Dropbox

Once you begin to really use Dropbox, you will find lots of ways to use it. Since eventually you will find that you don’t want to sync all your cloud files on every device use Selective Sync. You can specify which directories in your Dropbox folder you want to have available on each computer/device.

If you use Dropbox at your place of employment, you can connect your personal and work Dropboxes for access from the same app. You can share a folder with a friend and they can do the same. You will find this is much easier than carrying around a flash drive, especially when your friend is halfway across the country.

I think you will agree once you give it a try you will wonder how you lived without it!

Enjoy your time in the  “cloud” , now where is that Flash Drive?