Windows 7 & 8 Taskbar Enhancements & Tricks!

Windows 7  & 8 Taskbar Enhancements… Some you know… Some you probably don’t. Most people who have used Windows 7 and 8 long enough accidentally stumble upon some of the more useful features in Windows 7 & 8.  One is the convenient enhanced taskbar where you can hover over program icons and see a small graphic thumbnail of the actual application window without opening it.  The graphic below shows the result of hovering

Use OCR to convert PDF to Text…

Use a free on line service to convert a PDF to text. Bundled with the right software some scanners can convert the text in a document to editable format, but most of you probably don’t have ready access to these tools.  Say hello to “ONLINE OCR“. ONLINE OCR hast the traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool, which scans each letter in the file and converts it into text.  With ONLINE OCR,

Use the Snipping Tool !

Quickly grab a screen shot or just capture a portion of the screen…. It’s easy! An often over looked tool hides quietly in the accessories folder… the Snipping Tool. You can capture any of the following types of snips: Free-form Snip.  Draw a free-form shape around an object. Rectangular Snip.  Drag the cursor around an object to form a rectangle. Window Snip.  Select a window, such as a browser window or dialog box,

Can’t uninstall a Program?

Use Microsoft FIX IT ! Ever had a difficult program that could not be uninstalled from the “Program and Features” icon in the control panel?  Here is a trick from Microsoft. Use “Microsoft Fix It”.  You can download this onto your computer and it does a great job of correcting or deleting these corrupted files.  See the instructions below if you need more help. 1. Open a browser at

Now You Have All The Power…

“God” Mode (well at least in the PC realm…) A little known secret from those sneaky Windows 7 Programmers… Just create a new folder on your desktop and right click to rename it: “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”.  You must use this exact string, except of course for the quotes, and Presto-Chango the folder Icon changes from the usual folder icon to this special icon, designed just for you power hungry users.  You now