If You Don’t Use Dropbox You Should!

Dropbox is Becoming a Standard Install for Everyone! There are several cloud storage options available for the PC user such as Box, Copy, OneDrive or Google Drive. They all have a similar purpose. Securily store those special files in the “Cloud” and make them available when you are in a different location. Using cloud storage also provides you a level of security, since you don’t have to worry about your hard

Advanced Power Settings Can Stretch Battery Life!

Adjust the Advanced Power Settings to Stretch Battery Life! A “power plan” is a collection of settings in Windows that determine how your battery operated computer will allocate power to its operational components. While many of these settings are available on your desktop PC, this article will focus on your battery powered laptop or tablet, where stretching the battery life is relevant. To begin, access the power settings through the Control Panel or by clicking

Downloading YouTube Videos is easy!

Download Your Favorite YouTube Video There are several good utilities available on the internet allowing the casual user to download and save YouTube videos to your PC. We recommend the use of the YTD Video Downloader. For most of us, the free version will work just fine and it is very easy to use. ♦ NOTE: One caution, when installing, be careful to deselect any software you do not want installed, by

Windows 9 Has Just Become Windows 10

Microsoft Will Skip Windows 9… Get Ready for Windows 10 NEWS FLASH !  Windows 10 will be the next operating system from Microsoft. They are skipping the anticipated Windows 9 OS, perhaps in an attempt to create some separation from Windows 8. Is it common knowledge that Windows 8 has failed to gain the widespread endorsement Microsoft Anticipated. Microsoft is targeting one OS for every device capable of running Windows; Phones, Tablets,

Google Browser Power – Calculator !

Not so Obvious Google Calculator features! Regardless of the browser you are using, if you are using Google as your search engine, you have a lot of hidden power at your finger tips.  If you are using Google Chrome, you have this power available to you right from the address bar, also known by Google users as the OmniBox. Need a quick calcuation?  Why take the time to open up the