Clean your PC’s Registry with a Registry Cleaner

Clean your Windows Registry with CCleaner Like it or not, keeping your windows PC running as it should, requires some maintenance.  We discussed in an earlier Hot PC Tip the ability to cleanup, and delete unnecessary system files and free up hard drive space using Disk Cleanup. Periodically you should use a more thorough method, such as the one provided by CCleaner to clean the Windows registry etc. A good Registry Cleaner is

Move My Documents to Another Drive

Do You Need More Space on Your C Drive? If you are running out of storage space on your primary C: drive, perhaps because you have installed an SSD drive or for any other reason, it is easy to relocate your documents, music, pictures or videos to another hard drive in your system or to a network drive. Windows has a great utility to help you accomplish this task, and

Get this Free HTML Editor !

Microsoft Expression Web 4 SP2 is Free ! You know the old saying, you get what you pay for.  Well in this case you get way more than you pay for. If you are like most PC users and use an HTML editor only occasionally – maybe to prepare an add for EBAY, or produce a simple web site, you just don’t need one of the premier web design programs

Gmail Trick for Extra Email Addresses…

Use An Extra Character in Your GMAIL Address – Here’s How! There is a little known trick hiding in your GMAIL account.  You can add in periods anywhere in the front part of your email address and they will deliver to you just fine.  For example: Gmail handles as the same as or  Messages sent to you with any of these emails will reach your Gmail inbox just

Windows Docking Tricks I Bet You Didn’t Know…

Some docking tricks you can really use ! You might have already discovered you can maximize an open window by sliding it to the top of the screen, or docking and automatically re-sizing it to fill half the desktop by sliding the window off the screen to the left or right. But…did you that you can accomplish the same thing without using your mouse.  With the active window open you can