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Internet Facts 2014 – Interesting & Fascinating

Interesting Internet Facts & Statistics You Will find Interesting These days, we all find ourselves spending more and more time on the net. How much do you know about the internet? Do you know how much power the Internet requires? Just how many people actually use the Internet? Thanks to our friends at Host Advice, this infographic is sure to enlighten you just a bit! If you are like me, you

Optimize Browser Toolbar With Favicons

A Little Trick to Optimize Your Browser with your Favorite URL’s Favicons Most of the PC users only visit 10 websites or so on a regular basis. If you have tried to list these all your favorites URL’s on the browser toolbar, you may have run out of room and had to resort to menus. Here is a little trick to have 20-30 favicons for your favorite sites URLs, and have

How to Force Clear Your Browser Cache

What is a Browser Cache and how do I clear It? Just what is a browser cache. In order to speed up web browsing, web browsers are designed to download web pages and store them locally on your computer’s hard drive in an area called the browser cache. The browser cache (also know as Internet cache) contains records of recent activity while browsing or downloading from the Internet. By using

Some Great Network Online Services

Popular Online Services & Applications! Google has a virtual “plethora” of free online services and applications that everyone should checkout and use. Here is a listing of just a few of the most popular: Google Docs – A fantastic collection of free services including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation service, online forms, drawings, and more. Each of these services can also be viewed and edited between multiple users. Google Calendar –

Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Key List!

Quick List of  Firefox Shortcut Keys Using shortcut keys for any software package can really speed up your use of that program. When it comes to accessing the Internet, you have several choices. If you use Firefox, by Mozilla , as your default browser, you will find the list of available shortcuts, helpful to increase your productivity. For a list of shortcut keys for Internet Explorer click here! Shortcut Keys