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Internet Explorer Shortcut Key List!

Quick List of  IE Shortcut Keys Using shortcut keys for any software package can really speed up your use of that program. When it comes to accessing the Internet, you have several choices. If you use Internet Explorer, by Microsoft , as your default browser, you will find the list of available shortcuts, helpful to increase your productivity. If you use Firefox by Mozilla, you will find a list of

Conversions – From Anything to Anything – EASY!

Google Is a Great Unit Conversion Tool! Need to make a couple of quick conversions? Sure there are many great conversion software programs available to you, and you can even find web sites dedicated solely to this purpose. Why waste the time loading and remembering how to use one these programs. What if you are not at your computer, but find yourself at some remote location without all your software tools? When

Cyber-Warfare is Everywhere and Always

Where are all these Cyber Attacks Coming From? Cyber-warfare utilizes techniques of defending and attacking on-line digital information and computer networks that transport that data. We are aware of the evidence of Cyber-warfare, as it is happening to companies and individuals almost daily. Chances are you have been or will be a victim in your life. For companies it often involves financial records.  For individuals it may affect your personal computer,

elgooG Funnies.. Did you know you About This?

Google Like Funnies – Just for FUN! Disclaimer:  This is really not Google at all, it is really a satire of Google… it is elgooG. elgooG is Google spelled backwards, and is the work of a parody web site designed and hosted by All Too Flat.   Everything is backwards – Every had a day where everything was just backwards?   Search Underwater with Google – Watch Out for the Sharks, Move the mouse, Try a

Let’s Tour the White House… Shall We?

Have You Ever Taken a Tour of the White House? Most of you probably know that the White House is is really owned by the American people. More precisely it is owned by the United States Government. You probably would assume that there is no mortgage on the White House. The mortgage on the White House was actually paid off in 1814. All expenses are paid for by the taxpayers, and funds