Need a Media Converter ? Try Handbrake

If You Need a Media Converter – You Should GiveHandbreak A Try! If you Need a Media Converter, you should try Handbrake. You will find a version for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and more on their Download Page. Here are some of the features you will find in this great “no-cost” “open- source” software. Built-in Device Presets: With the built-in presets you can get started in just seconds by choosing a profile optimized

PC Loaded with Software? Should I Remove It?

Clean your PC with Should I Remove It! If you are like most PC users, over time you find your PC filled with software applications and utilities that you never use, and some that are downright troublesome. You can do this manually from the control panel, but this is time-consuming and provides you no guidance as to which programs are good candidates for removal. Enter “Should I Remove It?”!  

Find Applications Fast – Windows 10

Here is a Faster Way To Find Windows 10 Applications If you have a lot of programs installed in your Windows 10 PC, here is a quick way to speed up your search and get those apps running fast. Click Start and then on All Apps. This will pop up a list of apps alphabetically as shown below: Click on any letter and you instantly have a search for by

Power User? Use God Mode in Windows 10

Power User? Use God Mode in Windows 10 In Windows 10, Microsoft has created the “Settings” option that is quickly available from the Windows 10 icon at the lower left of your Task Bar. The new “Settings” feature was created in part, to make configuration easier for the average or novice user. Remember, using the Alternate menu, you can quickly gain access to the traditional “Control Panel“. If you fancy yourself

Windows 10 Alternate Start Menu

Don’t Forget the Alternate Start Menu in Windows 10 The Start Menu in  Windows 8 & 10 has been overhauled, but many find it confusing and difficult to gain access to often needed system settings. With  Windows 8 and 10 you can simply right-click on the start menu to display several system oriented shortcuts that are very handy from time to time. Several useful are quick links to: Task Manager: – Task Manager