Half-Duplex vs Full-Duplex

Half-Duplex for Wifi and Full-Duplex for Wired Lan: Which is Better? Duplex versus Simplex In networking, the term Duplex signifies the ability for two devices to communicate with each other simultaneously. Simplex refers to unidirectional communication. In a Duplex communication system, both devices can transmit and receive information. Telephones and walkie-talkies are Duplex systems since they can both transmit and receive. On the other hand, simplex systems only permit one

If You Don’t Use Dropbox You Should!

Dropbox is Becoming a Standard Install for Everyone! There are several cloud storage options available for the PC user such as Box, Copy, OneDrive or Google Drive. They all have a similar purpose. Securily store those special files in the “Cloud” and make them available when you are in a different location. Using cloud storage also provides you a level of security, since you don’t have to worry about your hard

Cyber-Warfare is Everywhere and Always

Where are all these Cyber Attacks Coming From? Cyber-warfare utilizes techniques of defending and attacking on-line digital information and computer networks that transport that data. We are aware of the evidence of Cyber-warfare, as it is happening to companies and individuals almost daily. Chances are you have been or will be a victim in your life. For companies it often involves financial records.  For individuals it may affect your personal computer,

Why Obtain & Install a Digital Security Certificate?

Should I obtain and install a SSL/TLS certificate? If you are operating a server of any significant size, for personal, office, or public use should consider obtaining and installing a digital certificate to encrypt data between clients and services. You can obtain a basic SSL / TLS certificate for free at StartCom Ltd. A bit of background information might be appropriate here.  A popular implementation of public-key encryption is the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is an Internet

Network DOS Commands You Should Know…

Windows Users Should Know These Network DOS Commands Some of us remember working from the command prompt, but we many not want to admit that, since that was before Microsoft Windows became the standard, and it might reveal something about our age!  This is far from an exhaustive list, but rather just a few of the network related DOS commands you should have in your arsenal of tricks. To issue these commands