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Samsung Gear S Is Coming – Lookout Apple Watch

The Samsung Gear S Watch is Coming ! Samsung’s no-phone-necessary Gear S watch is coming to the US this fall Samsung has announced that you will be able to buy and use the Gear S in the US this fall. This watch is special because it will connect to 3G data when the wearer’s phone isn’t around. The details are unclear, but Samsung has announced the Gear S will be

Through It’s Partners, Nest keeps Getting Better

Whirlpool and Mercedes-Benz partner with Nest Nest, which is owned by Google, makes thermostats and smoke detectors that can communicate with the objects around them. They continue to expand their reach beyond thermostats and smoke detectors. Nest is welcoming developers from other companies to integrate their services or devices with their products through a new developer program in an effort to make homes smarter. Partnerships are already in place with Mercedes-Benz, Jawbone and

Windows 9 Has Just Become Windows 10

Microsoft Will Skip Windows 9… Get Ready for Windows 10 NEWS FLASH !  Windows 10 will be the next operating system from Microsoft. They are skipping the anticipated Windows 9 OS, perhaps in an attempt to create some separation from Windows 8. Is it common knowledge that Windows 8 has failed to gain the widespread endorsement Microsoft Anticipated. Microsoft is targeting one OS for every device capable of running Windows; Phones, Tablets,

USB 3.1 – What Does This Mean for You?

The SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Spec Approved With 10 Gbps The USB 3.1 specification is complete and will raise the SuperSpeed USB transfer rate up to 10 Gbps. The current USB 3.0 spec has a limit of 5 Gbps.  This latest release will double the speed of the USB 3 standard and make SuperSpeed USB more competitive with Intel’s Thunderbolt technology which has a speed limit of 20 Gbps. Unfortunately, the

Netflix for Books?

“Kindleunlimited” subscription service is rumored. Rumor from a leaked Amazon site indicates that a launch of “Kindle Unlimited”, which is essentially a Netflix for books subscription service with over a half million titles, is on the horizon. If the Rumors are correct for $9.99 a month you will have to access over 500,000 ebooks and thousands of audiobooks. It is not known whether the service will be available worldwide, or